How would you describe yourself? Where are you from? What is your passion?

These can be difficult, sometimes even dreaded, questions to answer. However, in my case, I think I must have been asked these questions a million times and so answering them is not a problem.

How would I describe myself?

Well, I consider myself to have a blend of traditionally “eastern” and “western” values, the result of growing up within a South Asian household in the US. I consider myself to be practical, straight-forward and well-mannered with a sense of style (and humor!), a positive attitude and a responsibility towards my friends/family/employer/environment. I recycle. I don’t smoke. I drink socially. I value my independence. I prefer to walk or use public transport rather than driving. I can get impatient if I have to wait for too long. I love colorful things. I am a solutions-driven person (remember I said I was practical), but that doesn’t stop me from being human and tuning in to my emotional side.

Where am I from?

The short answer: San Francisco, California, USA. I am American. For some reason, this answer never seems to satisfy anyone who asks, and is always followed up with further probing about where my parents came from, whether I have any Spanish/Latino roots, if I am a mix, if my name is really Ana (or Anna for the Catalans) and (if the conversation is happening in Spanish) how come I can speak Spanish without a “typical” American accent.

So to provide some more background information, both my parents are from Maharashtra, India, and I was the first one in my family to be born in the US. My real name is Anita, not Ana or Anna. Anita is a fairly common name in India, and my parents chose it (so they tell me) since it could work for both India and the US. Unfortunately, lots of Indian names get butchered outside of India, so I’m quite thankful that mine is easy and very international!

About speaking Spanish…I studied (and enjoyed) it in school and have been living in Barcelona for the last 6 years. The sounds are similar to those of Marathi and Hindi (Indian languages I grew up with) and my Spanish-speaking friends from Latin America and Spain also taught me their vocabulary and accents. I use Spanish on a daily basis at work and in my personal life, and smile every time a native speaker compliments me. Here in Spain, they often think I am either from the south (Andalucía) or from Venezuela, Colombia, Perú or Brazil. My tan complexion, dark eyes and black hair also make it even more confusing for people, yet when they hear my parents came from India, then it all magically makes sense.

What is my passion?

This is probably the hardest question I have had to answer. For the longest time I wasn’t sure and would just think about the things I enjoyed: spending quality time with friends and family, traveling internationally, world history, photojournalism, fashion, good food and dining out, the internet, online marketing, social media, reading, animal documentaries (especially anything dinosaur or shark related), music, dance and zumba.

While those things still remain among my interests, I finally have been able to identify my passion:

Developing and implementing creative multimedia marketing solutions for clients (large, medium or small). An added bonus is getting to do it in Spanish.

Got more questions? Feel free to ask!


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